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Protect your corporate network with the best enterprise perimeter security solution.

Manage your company’s protection against intrusion attempts and external attacks.
Gatedefender acts as the first line of defense against external attacks. It filters Web browsing, mail traffic and access to content via Wi-Fi connections, in addition to protecting Web servers published on the Internet.


Choose from a wide range of hardware devices ready to offer, along with UTM software developed by Panda Security, the best network protection for your company. It responds to the needs of all types of companies: from remote offices, to mid-sized or large networks. Convert one of your computers into the best security appliance by installing the UTM software developed by Panda Security. Gatedefender Software Edition adapts seamlessly to your company’s capacity in terms of users and network requirements. Gatedefender is compatible with the leading hypervisor-based platforms (VMware, Xen / Citrix and KVM). Install and configure a perimeter security appliance like Gatedefender in your virtual environment in a matter of seconds.
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Secure and malware-free Internet access

Scan and protect the most common protocols against known and unknown threats:
  • Web browsing: HTTP and HTTPS.
  • Email protocols: SMTP and POP3.
  • File downloads via FTP.

Intrusion detection system

  • Filter inbound and outbound network traffic in your company, blocking unauthorized access while allowing authorized connections.
  • Inspect network packets in search of unauthorized traffic patterns.

Application firewall and bandwidth control

  • Increase employee productivity by identifying the most used applications and blocking access to unproductive applications.
  • Allow access to appropriate websites for your business only, and restrict usage of unproductive services (streaming, VoIP, P2P, etc.) with Web filtering by category and QoS.

Centralized management of all offices

  • Gatedefender Perimetral Management Console allows you to manage and update, with no additional expenditure on infrastructure or licenses, all of the Gatedefender devices installed in remote offices.
  • Access all of your perimeter security devices from a single location, accessible anytime, anywhere.

What’s New

image002 One of Gatedefender’s most coveted features is its ability to provide guests secure, quality wireless Internet access with its Captive Portal Hotspot.
As of today, businesses can now differentiate between premium and standard users, providing them with additional tools to both generate revenue and deliver valuable services. With bandwidth-based tickets, business owners can assign both regulated-speed Internet access for standard (free) users and high-bandwidth access for premium (paid) users. With Gatedefender Hotspot now administrators can determine how fast and how much access each user enjoys!

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