About CreatexMedia

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Experience a new wave in Digital Media with Outstanding Technology, Enhanced Sound and Video in more than one way you can imagine. Implementing a system has never been so easy and cost effective yet so exciting. So many systems and options to choose from.

Imagine a world with no boundaries and no wires. Reposition any speaker in any room. Control your media with any compatible smart phone, tablet or digital controller with a graphical display. Zone your home according to room or any section with any media of your liking or have all zones play the same thing.

Play Media from various sources such as iPod, Other MP3 Player, DVD Player, Television, Local Radio, Internet Radio, Other Internet Media, External Storage Device or Computer system. View Pictures as exciting slideshow formats. Pause media in one room, switch to another room and continue playing.

Setup a Media Server to automatically download Information about your Media giving descriptions, ratings etc. Stream and share Media to friends, family etc. over the World Wide Web.

Engineered by Createx Media, Customized systems for homes and businesses. Various packages to facilitate our clients. Experience Our world, Be in control. See our packages Below, Ask for Demo now.