Customized Media Systems

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The Right System

Want to create to create the perfect which is just right for you? the one that meets your budget? Now you can and as your personal library grows you can add on additional modules. Let us get you started with expert advice. Our site visits is free or charge with no obligation to purchase.

Choosing the right system means you must understand certain terms such as :

Media - Music, Videos, Movies etc.

Streaming  - Accessing media content from one location to another via wireless or cable

Media Component - Device using to transmit and receive wireless media. 1 is required for each Zone of the client’s choice eg. Living Room

Media Server - Computer with Media used for Streaming

Media Zone - Any are the client decides to install a media component. eg. Living Room

Quality of Performance (QOP) - is how great the system works. this depends on the type of hardware and software used and how it is configured. Also note the type of media formats and the bitrate eg. MP3s (music format), MKV (Container used for storing various video files) may affect the QOP.

Wireless Extenders - A device to strengthen wireless frequencies where signal is low.

Choosing the modules :

Hardware Specs Pricing
Apple AirPort $1,700.00
Streaming Players
Media Component Apple TV / Roku / D-Link Boxee Box $1,600.00
Media Servers (Required if no other computer is available)
Mini Server Apple Mac Mini $8200.00
Portable Devices (Optional)
iPad 16GB $4,400.00
iPad 32GB $6,900.00
Extenders (Optional)
Wireless Extender 2.4, 5GHZ Band $2,000.00
Storage (At least one storage device is required)
Apple Time Capsule Router 2TB $3,000.00
Apple Time Capsule Router 3TB $4,500.00
External Hard Drive 6TB for Media $8,800.00
Labour Setup and Configure Media Server $1,600.00
Setup and Configure Media zone $1,300.00
Reconfigure, Setup and Install Network $1,600.00
Optional Setup Remote Access to Media Server $750.00






















Please note : All prices are quoted in TT Dollars. In cases where the client has existing hardware which maybe compatible with the system proposed, cost may vary. The labour cost however remains the same except when no media server is selected. All other prices remains the same.

Once the client selects all the necessary components the ordering process can begin.