About Our Systems

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Security Features

Experience the reliability of a safe and secure Apple Network. Safe guard your family, your information and important photos while surfing the web. Keep your credit card information safe from malicious sites. Setup security options for your kids eg. parental control. Create a digital network and have access to all your important files in a central environment. Setup user access based on User accounts and passwords. Imagine all these features in one complete system now available for the average house for your comfort and convenience.


Backup Features

As information is always changing with the right backup solution is necessary. Backups can be done automatically to prevent data lost. If a file or document is lost or updated go back in time a retrieve an older version with the click of a button.  Less human interaction, a more reliable solution.

Media Features

Media layout

wireless signal

Easy Installation

Implementation has never been so easy with our wireless solutions. No wires, cables or conduit necessary. WiFi your entire home in just a few days with a fully implemented solution done by professional with years of experience.



The steps required for this stage includes:

  1. A site visit is done (Free of charge)

  2. A Proposal is issued to client with brochure and options

  3. The Customer signs off of the package they are interested in

  4. A 50% downpayment is made based on proposal followed by a receipt

  5. Equipment is ordered if not in stock

  6. An appointment is issues to customer at their convenience

  7. The System is installed and tested

  8. Final invoice is issued and remaining payment is made

  9. Customer signs off on final system